Welcome to Buttercluck

Multi-disciplinary creative workforce founded in East London over 15 years ago. Our objective is to bring good design to the people by working with a cross section of society and focusing on outputs over profits.

We believe in a horizontal hierarchy throughout the creative process and consider our clients our partners. We provide creative autonomy to our designers, reinforcing responsibility and delivering dedicated results.

The spectrum of our work is broad, but our specialism is brand transformation. Our unique approach is broken into four primary phases, which provides flexibility for all budgets and timelines. This puts the client in control, providing them with a gated sign-off process aligning the expectations and vision of all those involved.

The variety of projects we work on allows the team to observe creative agility. 
That's why for over a decade we’ve been providing unparalleled brand solutions to a broad range of individuals and businesses that are taking a hands on, boutique approach to their brand revolution.

Our services

With creative agility at our core, we can offer an array of services which not only utilise the expertise of the team, but also deliver a variety of cost effective products that meet your design needs. 

We really believe that good design has the power to change society. We believe in a world-shifting business model and will work with dedication to deliver passionate results. 

If you have a creative brief and would like speak about it, please get in touch.