CogX Festival 2023 Greenwich Peninsula

Festival identity and multi-venue rollout for DeepTech and AI conference CogX, centred around the O2 and surrounding buildings. This three venue event across 4 days of lectured, talks and expo, focused on systemic long-term technological impact through AI and included keynote from Stephen Fry.

CogX Festival 2023 Greenwich Peninsula

We devised the brand in a short window of time to reflect the use of dots in the logo. We used the dots to represent delegates and exhibitors convening, from a birds-eye-view perspective.

© 2023 CogX
© 2023 Buttercluck
Production: Blondstein

The identity was rolled it out with incremental differences for each of the different venues or 'zones'. Blue for the O2, Magenta for Magazine London, Purple of Indigo at the O2 and Yellow for Bureau. Each of the zones uses different parts of the colour pallet.

The dots in the identity convene but never touch or overlap, and the dividing line that sits across the background segments dots into 'heads' and 'bodies'.